Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goodie round - up | week 2.

Well, hello there! *winkwink*

As it is in my nature, I'm late to post my weekly goodies. I just love to take my sweet time to bring you an in depth post on the thingies I have been loving this past week. Woosh, let's do this thing!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Haul! H&M, Tiger and more. | 1

Hello, birdies!

Tantadadam! Here it is, my first haul ever on my little lurker blog. Hopefully many more to come. And hopefully this time I won't be keeping the thingies all to myself for such a long time. This is a rather big haul (at least to me) though I'm not a huge hauler as I got all of the stuff in the period of a month or so. Whenever I go shopping, I tend to look out for discounts (who doesn't) and sometimes I go by the phrase 'more is more'. But have no fear, as I have a quite distinctive and picky taste for my selected thingies as I scan the stores for cheap-ish, though original products that I really like and that were once on the pricier side. I'm all about that bargain, hahah! Oh well, why wouldn't you want to pay less if you could. This is a haul which majorly consists of pieces from H&M, Tiger and a few other stores. Read on if you're interested in my picks! ♥

Monday, January 05, 2015

Goodie round - up | week 1.

Picture and edit: myself (pssst, you know I love my light fx)

Hooray, hooray for new starts, fresh beginnings, lovely experiences and positive people who radiate happiness & warmth. And art! My goodness, do I love art! Therefore, let's ramble about some awesome thingies and pretty pretty art.

Looking for something?