After Midnight Thoughts | Social Media

I'm that person whose brain starts buzzing like crazy at night. I tend to have countless thoughts about everything and anything and that results in wanting to shoo them away so that I can rest. Unfortunately, falling asleep early nowadays is kind of a mystery to me. Mainly, it's either a great book I'm currently into or the aforementioned crazy thought traffic. Anyway, because of the latter, I decided to start a new segment in my blog - After Midnight Thoughts. I tend to be really honest & talkative at night and luckily, I have my Blogger app in my phone, so I can scribble a little draft once in awhile. After brushing it up a bit, voila! A new post. This time I'll be talking about social media which I greatly enjoy on a daily basis, though noticed some faults that tend to get to me. Here we go!

Goodie round - up | week 6.

Welcome, peeps!

Once again continuing my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) tradition of goodie round-up aka appreciation of beauty, media, art, tv goodies and other awesome stuff. Each week brings something dazzling and ravishing to my life and, since, sharing is caring, I'm here to speak of thingies that brought me joy in week 6. ♥ Hopefully these will bring you joy, inspire you or just simply make your day better. Thanks for coming around, attentive and supportive folks like you send me over the moon! x

Liebster award! | Further nominations + tiny teeny Q/A.

Hello, cookies!

TANTADADAM *drum roll, please* I am so glad to announce that my blog has been awarded with a Liebster award!

I have been seeing this award/tag all over the web - blogger, wordpress, youtube, you name it. The word 'liebster' has German roots as the rough translations are: beloved, lovely, sweet. Therefore, this is definitely a cute award that works kind of like a chain letter, which means you are welcome to accept it or break the chain. Being the curious little me and wanting to stay on top of things, of course, I wished to get this award. Just a couple of days ago before receiving the award I was thinking how exciting it would be to be tagged in a thingie running around the web. Here you go, the power of thoughts! Finally, my time has come and for this I send my warmest regards to the lovely Richelle who was kind enough to award my little lurker blog.

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