Sunday, November 23, 2014

goodie round - up | week 47.

First stop of the week - art. ♥

The fantastically beautiful art by Christian Schloe. I stumbled across these exquisite digital paintings by Christian on Society6, website I tend to spend tons of time on. I am very confident that when I have a home of my own and a secure job place, I'll spend not only time, but also a rather big sum on decorating my home by the stunning art of Society6's artists.

'Set Your Heart Free' by Christian Schloe

Back to Christian's art - I'm pretty sure that I fell for it at first sight. The intriguing, fantasy-like themes, complicated textures and patterns, tiny details that gather themselves into a large beautiful topic are what I love in art. I find that I get the renaissance and surrealistic art mixture feeling while gazing at these gorgeous creations.

'Dream On' by Christian Schloe

I feel that this artist pick really suits my current and overall week's mood. Rather sad, kind of nostalgic, yet dreamy. Always dreamy. No matter of the struggle, I'm always smiling inside, at least a little bit.

I don't feel like talking a lot about materialistic goods today, therefore I just will not do that too much. I have taken plenty of pictures of things that made my life happier or easier this week but sometimes I just feel that being overjoyed with things you have in your life is slightly vain and it takes away the true and pure emotions of the moment.

What I truly enjoyed this week was being able to fully get my proper health back, therefore, I'm being super thankful of how my body works, its ability to heal itself and destroy the yucky viruses that make my daily life so complicated.

I loved the moment when I actually stepped out of my house, took a breath of fresh air and knew that I was going somewhere to be a part of community, that I was busy, that I had to do something. I as well came to conclusion that I would never prefer working from the comfort of my home despite that it is so convenient. I need constant move, changes and activities in my life to feel joyful.

I don't want the need and greediness of goods to overpower me to the point when I can't see my true values anymore. Of course, I love my beautiful patterned boxes, having plenty of tea, a selection of lipsticks and so on, but this is just happiness wrapped in the form of convenience. I could never change a warm hug of my love for a new lipstick. These two are just incomparable.

Also, I thought that it was very kind of Erian to share her Pukka teas with me, since she knew that I'm a tea lover, therefore new tea experiences are crucial for my happiness. Also, that beautiful person wrote me a recommendation for which I am forever grateful and it truly made my life more beautiful this rather dull and dark week.

Pukka teas

A shoutout to Pukka teas for being lovely, ethically sourced and organically grown. ♥ Way to go! Even though the teas all taste a lot like simple chamomile tea to me, it still was a lovely experience. I am just about to finish the blue packet and its effects are surely kicking in on me. Also, their packaging design is the bomb dot com. Really! Just check out their website and you'll see for yourself.

Being the sweet - tooth as I am, living without sugar is impossible. These are possibly my favourite sweet things ever. I don't even know hot to call them but if you're not familiar, they're these chocolate covered cream fluffs. I remember my mom buying me these for my 6th birthday. If I haven't grown out of them in almost 16 years, I'm afraid I won't ever. I allow myself to enjoy these little guys once in a while as they're just cream and chocolate (super nutritious!) yet they are so so yummyyyy. ♥ Wish I had one now.

Might as well mention my amazingly awesome fluffy purple socks and a radiator that keep me cozy and warm in this chilly weather.

GIF of the week ♥

Little fluffy baby chinchilla nomnomnoming on something really yummy. Chinchillas look like tiny always confused pokemon to me. ♥

When it comes to music, this week I've been listening to quite a bit of Beyonce, Sam Smith and The Lumineers. Also, enjoying the same old acoustic playlist on Spotify I mentioned in week's 44 post as well as listening to beautiful piano tracks to help me relax and fall asleep.

Also, as always, I've been watching some educational videos this week, some that I'd like to share. The latter is seriously really cool! Do recommend watching.

I think this sums up this week's post as I have really nothing else to share with you, cookies. ♥

Take care always,

Ieva ♥