so this is an update

Yello, cookies!

So I've been planning to post an update on some recent thingies for quite a serious amount of time, yet I could never make myself actually do it because, I don't know, some unclear unknown extraterrestrial reasons. *insert alien emoji here*

More than words. More than love.

Art by James R. Eads

We were so excited about one another, he thought I was 'hothothot' and I liked his black tight jeans on his skinny legs. He had blond hair and blue eyes. I adored his smile and his voice soothed my soul. He lifted his eyes and smiled at me when he was playing his acoustic guitar. That was the moment I knew I loved him. It didn't take long. The hill was green and I tickled him with a piece of grass. His call tone was an angry Seether song. He asked me to be his. And I was his. His fairy and he was my unicorn.