Sunday, October 26, 2014

Welcome back, dear.

(Art by Brooke Weeber)
I think the time has come. To start, to create, to jump back on the rails of thoughts. It’s been a while. Quite some time.

Sitting in a chilly room, sipping on a lukewarm spicy chai with a tiny teeny dash of milk. A perfect mess that has accumulated in this short period of the two past days is here with me. It doesn’t warm me up, but it creates this weird coziness. Even though I am a firm believer that everything has to be in its place and order, on weeks like this, I cut myself some slack. And a piece of marzipan pie.

Contemplations about life are buzzing right inside my head.

I’m too young to feel this old. I am too young not to explore.

What I’m trying to say is – I have all of the choices in the world. And I’m about to choose. To make a change within myself, to explore and try, try, try and step outside of my comfort boxy. Though, I already kept trying for a freaking long time. As a matter of fact, I am moving, I keep putting tiny steps right outside of my frame, but I just don’t realize it. I simply don’t give myself enough credit. People always tell you how it is so important to appreciate others and their hard work, but for once, can I just appreciate myself and pat myself on the shoulder? Maybe. I could. If only I was able to notice the steps I’m taking, ’cause in the world of an overachiever, tiny improvements are invisible.


I’m not too sure if blog is the place to go and leave the footprint of my ever changing emotions. Yet, I don’t want to have the typical, uniformed and empty posts about make up, reviews, daily things and all that jazz that is not too jazzy. I mean, yeah, I love make up, but I’m not gonna write about every single thing I buy. Yes, daily things are just simple daily things, but here they are seen from my point of view. Here is where I make dialogues with myself. Here is where I store my evaporating emotions that should not be forgotten. I need to remember things to keep myself going. Please, if you ever feel like it, come and let’s create some beautiful dialogues together. Maybe we could revive each others thoughts and embrace the power of emotions.

I almost forgot how great writing feels.
Follow me and my lurker steps if you’re keen on some snazzy, unpredictable writings about my random, pretty often happy brain which is here to share, create, evolve & build. Build happiness.

Hereby, I welcome myself back. 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

so close, yet so far.

it's pretty sad when people you were so close to change beyond recognition.
they become distant, cold.
you see traits you never thought they had.
and you start to question if you even knew them at all.
you used to see them as someone who was so amazing to spend time with, someone who was interesting and, at some point, made your day better.
now all you see is just a bunch of illogical actions, frigid glimpse and this nasty foreignness which annoys the hell out of you.
then you think why are they even here?
why would you even wanted to have them near you in the first place?
and before you even realize..
they become just a phase in your past.

but then again, why should I care if you only go around repeating that you don't.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

head inside a dream.

(Art by Kameron Walsh)

beplekšnodama ant veido itin riebų drėkinamąjį kremą supratau, jog klaidų priveliu todėl, jog nesugebu į jas iš anksto kritiškai ir be baimės pažvelgti, nesukuriu atsarginių strategijų ir į makaulę neįspraudžiu dar vieno 'o kas, jei..?' kitavertus, turiu artimą žmogų, kuris tai padaro už mane ir dėl to esu jam dėkinga, tačiau nederėtų visko užkrauti ant jo pečių.
ko gero.

o kritiškai neapsvarsčius.. su klaidom tenka gyventi.

mamukas sako, jog pildos ne norai, o svajonės.
todėl nedera nustot svajot.
noriu daug.
kartais norėčiau turėti savo asmeninį džiną butely su endless norais.
tačiau, gyvenimas ne pasaka.
o gal greičiau - ne nuolatos pasaka.
tenka pamiršti apie stebuklus ir toliau krimsti skaitymukus apie elektroninio verslo pagrindus.

tačiau tai nereiškia, jog nustosiu generuoti svajones.
juk kartais ir aš galiu pabūti kilnia atlapaširde princese kaip nuostabiausiuose Disney filmuose.

and all the girls with heads inside a dream.

song of the past sometime.
..where everything is good.