Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a summer's journey

'Happy' by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Now, yes, I know, I'm not the most decent blogger, not the most frequent one, but when I do write, I write it out and I write my sincere thoughts straight from the tips of my fingers and top of my mind.

And that's what my blog is made out of. My lurky, yet honest and open stories. This is what blogging meant to me since the very beginning when I started writing five whole years ago. Talking to yourself but also understanding that you're talking with others at the same time.

Conversations with myself, yet dialogues directed at you, too. For understanding and following me on my journey, if you wish. It's no rocket science.

I would love to revive my blog and do at least a single weekly post once more, reconnect with my audience, but.. sometimes you just need to take your time. Take it all in and rumble through your thoughts and a selection of memories.

And that's what I did, now look at me! I'm here and I decided to stamp some of them out. I have a fair share of remembrances that should not only be stamped out on the internet but also in my head for as long as I can keep them there.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

so this is an update

Yello, cookies!

So I've been planning to post an update on some recent thingies for quite a serious amount of time, yet I could never make myself actually do it because, I don't know, some unclear unknown extraterrestrial reasons. *insert alien emoji here*

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